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Trading with the Russian Federation – certification you without question have to be familiar with before

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on Sep 3, 2021
The advantages of the Russian Federation market are widely known. In a circumstances of general economic growth, also favored by the operation of lawmaking and regulatory reform, the presence of strong domestic demand growth has to cope with the limits of the present Russian manufacturing structure, resulting in enormous possibilities for firms in other states happy to satisfy Russian request, both customer and instrumental goods.

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The regulatory framework in Russia is quite different from the European context in which we are used to working with agility. If the convention of mutual acceptance in the EC market is obligatory and binding certificate, which is only required for certain dangerous or risky goods in Russia, most of the items intended for retailing on the internal markets of the federation have to be authorized to assure item conformity to Russian domestic standards. Since the verification of foreign products is not directly the task of the customs authorities, they are narrowed to checking the existence and authenticity of the documents certifying the features of the import products.

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The principal evidence is the certificate of compliance promulgated under the compulsory GOST Certification System.

This internal certification policy has been launched to secure public health and guarantee the ss7 vulnerability test and quality of imported items that have overwhelmed the internal markets of ex-USSRs.