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Everything you have to know before taking EQE

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on Jun 1, 2022
It is among the most demanding professional examinations. If you are intending to take EQE (European Qualifying Examination), you are possibly informed about it.

In case you're not or you need to examine your knowledge, you will find this article practical.

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Author: yuki5287

EQE is required to be passed by anybody willing to become a European Patent Attorney. As you might already know, a patent attorney concentrates on helping his clients get patents and cope with their transgressions. All in all, he is an intellectual property law (attorney Poland) specialist. But becoming one is connected with a lot of effort and the results are verified during the specified exam. There are several details you have to be familiar with.

Author: Kris Duda

As said on a pivotal condition that lets you take the EQE is receiving a university degree. This needs to be in science or technology. After that, you are about to work in the European patent profession for three years. During that period you have to be overlooked by a skilled specialist. Next you are obligated to take a pre-examination test. If you pass, you are able to attempt passing EQE. It features composing four papers.

There are different options if you decided to get prepared for the exam. Many potential European Patent Attorneys choose courses developed by epi (patentepi.

com): the "epi tutorial", recreated EQEs or an online schooling. If you decide on the first option, you will be assigned a tutor and given feedback of your progress. Good luck!