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How to prepare an aesthetic and durable building facade?

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on Mar 11, 2022
Renovation of the external elevation is usually a real challenge. Not only weather conditions ought to be considered, but also the look is important. How to bring together these two factors and which way to use to obtain it?

Firstly, the material used should be impervious to the ultraviolet radiation, since it is revealed to the sun’s rays.

Secondly, it has to be water-repellent so there is no need to wash it of pollution. All these aspects are achieved while using silicone render. Due to its wonderful resistance to other climate conditions (heat, rain) it is usually used as an outermost, finishing coat on the outside surfaces. Its thickness is often just a few millimetres. The big advantage of this material is its permeability, which prevents the humidity condensation indoors.

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What is more, the layer will not crack thus it is durable for years. Apart from all technical aspects, silicone render has also good appearance as a coating layer. It is accessible in various colours, so everyone is able to find a proper one. Another useful feature is the fact that it does not need to be painted after drying, because it has a dye included. Ultraviolet resistance guarantees the long stability of the tint – it will not become pale.

Author: HF Helvetia Furniture
Source: HF Helvetia Furniture


silicone render
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Using this sort of coat is easy and guarantees that the result will be gratifying. It will play a decorative function as well as serve a protective task.

Of course, it is crucial to prepare the wall before coating it with the use of this kind of render. This will assure the proper adhesion and the sustainability of the outer plaster.